Steal: Chapter Zero

Steal: Chapter One

Steal: Chapter Two

Steal: Chapter Three

Steal: Chapter Four

Steal: Chapter Five

Steal: Chapter Six

Steal: Chapter Seven

Steal: Chapter Eight

Steal: Chapter Nine

Steal: Chapter Ten

Steal: Chapter Eleven

Steal: Chapter Twelve

Steal: Chapter Thirteen

Steal: Chapter Fourteen

Steal: Chapter Fifteen

Steal: Chapter Sixteen

Steal: Chapter Seventeen

Steal: Chapter Eighteen

Steal: Chapter Nineteen

Steal: Chapter Twenty

Steal: Chapter Twenty-One

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Two

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Three

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Four

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Five

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Six

 Steal: Chapter Twenty-Seven

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Steal: Chapter Twenty-Nine

Steal: Chapter Thirty

Steal: Chapter Thirty-One

Steal: Chapter Thirty-Two

 Steal: Chapter Thirty-Three

37 thoughts on “Steal”

    1. I will be putting everything up to 33(it will say 32 since I have a 0 chapter) up as is, broken with no window boxes, etc. From there on I will be shortcoding in HTML to put window-like parts in and PRing the chapters from then on out. Later in my spare time(…) I’ll slowly fix the previous chapters.


    1. I tried that, but the problem is that there’s nowhere to put a general announcement that Steal moved.
      I left a link on the old steal page along with a few other similar ff’s on RR


    1. As long as you follow the copyright section, there should be no issue with that. A synopsis is fine, I’d think, being that’s your own words of my works. Please do not include detailed spoilers though, as I wish my readers to enjoy the works [as posted] here.


  1. I would like to know if you’re planning and when the release of the next Steal chapter will be posted?
    Thank you in advance.


  2. I have been looking for a story of this caliber for quite some time and I hope to see steal continue on in the future. Though I’ve heard stories of a few novel snobs trying to cut down your writing overall I (and the many other fans of your work) obviously enjoyed the read.


  3. series is epic, really hope you decide to continue it. just found it last night, ended up reading it all the way through to this morning 🙂


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